The New Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel Updates

The New Shopify Plus Wholesale Channel Updates

If you are a wholesale merchant using the Shopify plus wholesale channel, then this is your lucky day!

Recently Shopify introduced two new features which will make the wholesale buying experience great. Every merchant wants to use features which will ease their work and also features which will improve the whole customer experience. Merchants who use the wholesale channel can now add a domain to their wholesale e-commerce website and programme customer on boarding which means that the entire wholesale buying experience is going to be self-service.

Add a custom domain name to your e-commerce wholesale store

This one is for all of the wholesale merchants who have been trying to provide a branded wholesale experience.

This new update will allow wholesalers to add a customized domain name on their storefront. This will enable you to provide a continuous brand experience across many channels. It will also make it simple for high volume customers to locate your wholesale store. Last but not least having a custom domain means that you can now clearly differentiate your wholesale store from the traditional B2B store. Also, the merchant can develop a subdomain or even use a different domain altogether.

Automate client on boarding thanks to account signup control

Thanks to this new automation feature you can now spend a small amount of time on manual tasks and more time on the growth of the business. Instead of manually reviewing the wholesale accounts, you can now use the wholesale channel to directly approve any person who signs up or set it up in a way that you can review all the applications before approving them.

The advantage of using this feature is that your new customers will have immediate access to all your product catalogs. Apart from that, it will also include an ideal price list, the minimum buying price which is required and automatically enables online checkout for the people who have new accounts.


There has never been an ideal time to get started with online wholesale like right now. The new Shopify Plus has brand new features which will make the whole wholesale selling more manageable for you and your clients also. For wholesale merchants who want to offer a branded experience, they can now get to add a custom domain name on their storefront. It also has an automation feature which eases manual task and lets you concentrate more on the growth of the business.

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