Limitations of Using Shopify

Limitations of Using Shopify

There is no e-commerce platform which is perfect all of them have their pros and cons. Even though people love Shopify and using it, you might occasionally encounter a requirement which will not meet the capabilities of Shopify. Here are some of the limitations you will have with Shopify and the solutions which you can use to overcome them.

Content management

First and foremost, Shopify is a tool which is used for e-commerce platforms. And while Shopify is fully capable off product descriptions, store blog, and product-related content it can’t compare to the product management systems like WordPress. If the content is your key concern, then you can use Shopify JavaScript to incorporate Shopify into your website. If e-commerce is your primary focus, then your content will require to be served using Shopify. You can achieve this by using a bespoke customization theme, complete with blocks and sections and also making use of Shopify blogging platform which is used for content.

Solution: Decide on your primary focus and then incorporate the Shopify platform according to your needs.

Product filtering and search

Shopify has a forceful search mechanism, but the standard one has some limitations.

Even though you can add a sidebar to help you with filtering products, the sidebar is not linked with the search. Shopify offers a normal search functionality which doesn’t help the user much. If you make a mistake of typing in the product incorrectly, there will be no results or corrections.

Solution: There are numerous Shopify apps which can help you to achieve all of these. The apps will provide you with sophisticated merchandising, facetted filtering and advanced filtering search.

Shopify POS

Shopify has moved a notch higher, and it has linked both online and physical retail with the Shopify POS system. This POS system accepts any method of payment from debit cards, credit cards, and gift cards. The Shopify POS system is excellent for small business and boutiques, but it is a nightmare for big enterprises which have multiple inventory locations.

The POS system can only work in one inventory stock location, which does not make a lot of sense because most businesses will have multiple stocks at hand in every store and warehouse.

Solution: If you are operating one physical store then the POS system will work well for your business. However, for large companies, they will have to create different accounts for each POS system and use a syncing application which will allow them to report on their offline and online activities.


Shopify is an excellent platform to use, and the limitations which it has are because it has a well-engineered and solid foundation which is no flexible at times.

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