4 Limitations of Magento Enterprise Everyone Should Know

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Wondering if Magento Enterprise is the right enterprise ecommerce solution for your business? Here are 4 limitations you should know before making a decision!

Those looking for a comprehensive ecommerce solution won’t have to search long before discovering that Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce companies on the market. Even though Magento is one of the best ecommerce solutions, there are people who are having seconds thoughts about whether Magento Enterprise is the right option for their business. If you are one of those people as well, here are 4 limitations you should know before making a final decision:




1. It is a user-friendly solution but only on your end: Those who are more skillful and have a coding experience will love how smooth and editable Magento is. You will notice that the user interface is well-organized, intuitive, and offers a clean back-end for a total management control. However, once you will start analyzing a little bit better, you will discover that coding experience and a high level of expertise is necessary. If you don’t know anything about coding, you will need to hire a Magento developer. Magento is a large system, there are 200 database tables, over 20k files, and finding a Magento developer is not easy at all. So, this can be a huge problem for you, if you aren’t experienced or if you don’t have the money to hire a Magento developer.

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2. It is a highly flexible program but it has a learning curve: It doesn’t matter whatever your business looks like or what are you selling – Magento can be tailored to fit your business needs and specifications. The themes can be organized allowing you to design a store that looks exactly the way you need it to. But, the problem is that those templates aren’t going to come easy. All that flexibility comes at a certain cost. Getting over the learning curve is going to be a huge problem for any developer who is unfamiliar with Magento.

3. It is scalable but web hosting can be tricky: Magento is 100% scalable enterprise ecommerce solution. It doesn’t matter if you are selling 200 or 200.000 products a year, Magento would still be a great ecommerce solution for your business. This is great for anyone who is hoping to expand the business. The only problem is that you need to take care of the web hosting by yourself. You will be responsible for finding a web hosting service provider and taking care of your server. This is just an extra cost of using Magento. It is also another reason why platforms shuch as Shopify Plus are considered a great Magento enterprise alternative for those who cannot afford this extra cost.

4. It has a free version but it cannot be compared to other ecommerce solutions: If you are just starting out and you are in the early stages of your ecommerce game, you are probably looking for a cheaper ecommerce solution. Luckily, Magento has a free version that you can use. There are a few catches. If you want speedy development or a support, you will have to pay big bucks. Even though Magento has a free version, it cannot be compared to other ecommerce solutions, like Shopify, for example. Magento Enterprise starts at approximately $14k a year, Magento Premium Enterprise starts at $50k a year. So, what do you think?

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In some cases, Magento is not worth the hassle. If you are looking for a reliable and secure ecommerce solution, Shopify is one of the best options. It is suitable for both small and mid-sized businesses and if you want to upgrade, you can take advantage of the Shopify Plus plan. Shopify Plus is a specially designed plan ideal for enterprise businesses and larger companies.

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